Jungle-Themed Party Food for Kids

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Jungle-themed party food is an important part of making your child's jungle party a success. Combine your rainforest-inspired menu with decorations, music and games to accomplish a convincing theme. Serve the party food outside -- picnic style -- in warm weather, or use fake foliage to re-create a jungle setting around the table inside.

Tropical Fruit Skewers

Put tropical fruit chunks on wooden skewers to create healthy and fun-to-eat party snacks. Try pineapple, banana, mango and starfruit. Provide a dip for the fruit if you like -- yogurt is an easy and kid-friendly choice. To keep the fruit from browning, cut the fruit as close to serving time as possible. If you make the skewers in advance of the party, coat them with lemon juice or a commercial anti-browning product and store the skewers in the fridge. Try to limit the time the fruit is held at room temperature to less than two hours.

Animal Sandwiches

You can make simple sandwiches the kids will like, such as peanut butter and jelly, cheese or turkey, and cut them into jungle animal shapes with cookie cutters. Keep the sandwiches small with only one or two ingredients so they can be cut accurately with cookie cutters and the animal shapes will be recognizable. Small, thin sandwiches will also be easier for the kids to eat during the party without a mess.

Jungle Cake

Decorate a jungle cake by frosting a green cake and topping it with jungle animals made from frosting, fondant or molded sugar. Another option is to bake a cake in a jungle animal-shaped cake pan. A pineapple upside down cake fits a jungle theme, and so does a coconut cake or any cake topped with coconut and tropical fruit. To save time, you can order a jungle-themed cake from your favorite bakery.

Swamp Water

Start with a green punch made from clear soda and an artificially colored beverage or food coloring. Place a piece of dry ice in a container about half full with hot water. Put the punch into a large punch bowl and float the container of dry ice in the punch bowl to make a pond of foggy swamp water. Do not let the punch come into contact with the dry ice, and do not let children serve themselves unless you have already removed the dry ice to ensure that the punch never touches it.