Inserts to Make Shoes Fit

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Wearing shoes that don't fit can easily ruin your day. If your shoes are too big, you feel like a clown and are uncomfortable as your heals slip up and out of the shoes. If your shoes are too small, your feet ache and your toes and foot bones are molded into an unnatural shape. Wearing uncomfortable shoes can cause foot problems over the long term; however, you can salvage shoes that don't fit by using makeshift or store-bought inserts.

Makeshift Shoe Shrinkers

Fix your large shoes easily by putting a soft piece of foam, fabric or even toilet paper down into the toe of the shoe. This will push your foot back and make the shoe more comfortable.

Store-Bought Shoe Inserts

Try gel inserts that fit in the length of a too-large shoe to take up some of the space and raise your foot up a bit. Heel inserts can perform a similar function by pushing your foot forward inside the shoe. Toe inserts also help a shoe fit more snugly by sitting on top of your foot and taking up excess room below the tongue, or top of the shoe.

Homemade Shoe Stretchers

Stretch out shoes that are too small by overfilling your shoes will balled-up socks until the material is taut. You can go a step further by wetting the fabric so the leather expands. You can also put a ball of fabric at both the toe and heel of the shoe, and then lodge a pencil or short stick in between the two ends. This way the pressure from the pencil will spread out into the fabric and elongate the shoe slightly without ruining the material.

Two-Way Shoe Stretchers

Place two-way shoe stretchers into the shoe to get an even stretching all around. These are available for purchase and can easily be reused on shoes of all sizes. The device stretches both the length and width of the shoe. A ready-made shoe stretcher is a great investment if you have one foot that is larger than the other and you frequently need to alter the size of one of your shoes.