Ingredients for Homemade Pizza Dough


0:01 Hi, I'm Stephanie Barnett on behalf of Let's turn this pizza dough into this pizza

0:09 pie. So we are going to talk about our ingredients for our pizza dough. You will need some milk,

0:16 some corn meal, rye flour, olive oil, regular all purpose flour (by organic), and some yeast.

0:31 Really if you buy organic especially your flour you want no GMO's that means "genetically

0:37 modified" we don't want to support that, you want to get organic wheat flour, that is the

0:46 best. So have all these ingredients on hand and also your milk should be room temperature.

0:52 You will measure your milk out and then let it sit to come to room temperature. Also your

0:57 olive oil needs to be room temperature as well, you will also need some hot water. These

1:04 are all, basically all you need to make pizza dough and that is a really simple thing. You

1:09 can also keep these on hand.