Ideas for Making Your Own Tabletop Decorations for a Casino-Themed Party

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Make your own tabletop decorations for a casino-themed party you're hosting, both to cut costs and to put a personal touch on the party. The centerpieces, place settings and other table decorations should complement the tone of the party and the rest of the decorations. For example, avoid neon if you're going for a 1920s speakeasy casino theme.


Your centerpieces will make one of the largest impacts, as they will be noticed by all of your guests. Create a centerpiece that works for your party. Use square blocks of Styrofoam or small square boxes to create a pair of dice. Spray paint the squares white, then paint black dots on each side like a real die, or use large black circle stickers. Fill a glass vase with different colored dice or poker chips. Make your own poker chips by painting small wood craft circles to look like poker chips, or put poker chip stickers on the wood chips. Customize the poker chips for your party. For example, write "Happy 30th birthday Janie" if the party is to celebrate a birthday. Cut out little spades and clubs out of black construction paper or foil, and hearts and diamonds out of red paper or foil. Sprinkle these around the table like confetti.

Place Settings

Create customized place settings for each guest on the tables. For example, make place mats out of construction paper in round poker chip shapes or playing cards. Create an over-sized blackjack or royal flush hand out of construction paper. Use spades for a spades party, or make four queens of hearts cards if that's your party theme. Another option is to make each place mat a different poker hand. Make up 52 over-sized playing cards and deal them out to each place setting if you have 10 or fewer settings per table.

Place Cards

Make up little place cards for your guests if you want to follow a seating arrangement. Print out images of different casino table games, such as craps tables or a roulette table, and write your guests' names on the back of the cards. Alternatively, make poker chips out of card stock and write your guests' names in the center. Use small picture frames or cut a small slit in corks to hold the place cards.