Ideas for Fun Corporate Party Games

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Corporate parties can be great ways to build solidarity among staff members while also fostering a relaxed atmosphere. These games can take place within the office or outside of it, and at any level of professional development. Games can help employees learn more about each other and potentially even help design business strategies.

Scavenger Hunts

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A scavenger hunt can be a great way to encourage teamwork among employees. In a scavenger hunt, teams search for a list of items, both tangible and intangible. The team that accomplishes this gathering best wins the hunts. Whether they take place within the office or outside of it, scavenger hunts will require creative collaboration among teammates. Hence, they can function as both as ice-breakers as well as skill-building events while simultaneously being fun and relaxing.

Paintball, Miniature Golf and Other Outings

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A group outing to a more established gaming location also makes for a great corporate party setting. Paintball, miniature golf, laser tag and many other outdoor/indoor games are available for corporate events. Most of these games are physical in nature. As such, they call upon skills that are different from the ones used in the workplace and can therefore be a fun breath of fresh air.

Card Games

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Card games are easy to learn and can really spice up a corporate party. Partnership games such as spades and euchre can bring about some exciting teamwork and competition. These games are also fun ways to engage critical thinking skills. If your group is particularly large, you could design a lighthearted card game tournament that spans a few hours or even a few weeks.

Charades and Other Guessing Games

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Certain party games involve a large group of people all at once, and are extremely easy to set up. A game such as charades can be played nearly spontaneously, as long as you have paper, a pencil and ideas on hand. (For the rules to charades and many other guessing games, see the Resources section of this article.) Other guessing games, such as Taboo, require you to purchase a game set beforehand. If you host frequent parties, it can be good to have a variety of such games at your disposal.