Ideas for First Communion Gifts for Boys

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A boy's first communion is a special and sacred event in his life. Choosing an appropriate gift can sometimes be daunting, but a few classics are always good choices. The gift you choose should also take into account the boy's age. Some religions perform first communion during the grade school years while others wait until junior high or high school. Christian gift stores are ideal places to look for just the right first communion gift.


Jewelry might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to a gift for a boy. However, many pieces are geared toward males and allow you to choose a first communion gift that lets him remember his religion whenever he looks at it. A masculine cross necklace or key chain works well and is something he can use for many years to come. For Catholic boys, a rosary is a meaningful jewelry gift that he will get a lot of use out of. Patron saint medals or crucifix medals are other options. They can be worn on a chain, or carried in a wallet or pocket. A Christian-themed watch is another idea.


First communion is a Christian sacrament, so a Bible makes a great first communion gift for boys. Chances are he has one already due to the extensive study required to take first communion. For this reason, choose a special Bible. A study Bible that expands on everything he already knows is a good choice because he can continue learning from it as he moves forward in his faith. A Bible engraved with his name and the date of his first communion is another meaningful choice.

Photo Frame

A less expensive, but still thoughtful first communion gift is a commemorative frame. Choose one that is masculine, so it is more likely to be displayed. Insert a photo of the boy at his first communion, and add the date and place as well. Some framing stores do custom designs that allow you to have the frame engraved or the information placed behind the glass for you. Use a shadow box frame to display his first communion Bible verse, a photo and a small cross.


A prayer book specific to the boy's religion is a special first communion gift that he can use in future years as he grows in his faith. Make sure you choose one that is specific to his religion, Lutheran versus Catholic, for example, since many faiths have a set of their own prayers. Religious history books are good for older boys receiving first communion and allow them to learn more about the faith they are a part of. Christian book stores sell a wide range of younger boy options, such as those by Max Lucado, which are appropriate for grade schoolers.