Ideas for First Communion Decorations

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First Communion is a very important event in the life of a young Christian, and the ceremony is generally followed by a party so loved ones can come together to celebrate this milestone. Whether you are having an intimate tea or a huge event, whether you have a tight budget or the sky's the limit, communion decorations should be tasteful and reflect the spiritual nature of the occasion.

Drape the Walls

If you are having your party at a budget venue, or in your basement, garage or other location, and you feel the surroundings are a bit drab and dreary for the occasion, brighten them up with fabric. Inexpensive, lightweight fabric such as tulle, or whatever white fabric you find in the discount bin at your craft store, is a fast way to instantly dress up any wall. Hang fabric by stapling it or tacking it to the wall, using a strong double-sided tape for lightweight fabrics. Put up tension rods or hang a taught clothesline against the wall from corner to corner and drape the fabric over it.

Complimentary Colors

White is the primary color used in Communion decorating, but you don’t want your communion decor to resemble a sterile room. Use some accent colors to break up the white. Light blue would be appropriate, as blue symbolizes heaven in the Catholic church. Silver or gold lends a touch of sparkle and sophistication, pale pink may complement the blush in your little girl’s cheeks and green brings in the beauty of nature. Add splashes of your accent colors in your table cloths, centerpieces, flowers and table decorations, or sprinkle colored confetti around.


A banner gives a warm welcome to the child of honor and makes a lovely focal point for when guests are entering the room. You can use your banner as a background for photo opportunities, and your child can treasure it after the party as a keepsake. Banners can be as simple as a message painted on poster board saying, “Congratulations,” or can be elaborately decorated draped cloths with Bible quotes, cross images and a border of sequence and craft gems. You can make a banner yourself, or you can have an artist or printer design and create one for you based on your preferences.

Balloon Centerpieces

Children who receive communion are usually around the age of seven. Considering it is a child’s party, balloons make a very fun and festive addition to the decor. A cluster of balloons tied to a weight with curly ribbons makes a great table centerpiece, and won’t take a big bite out of your budget. A side benefit of balloons, if you are having a lot of kids at the party, is that the balloons can be distributed to the children to play with to keep them occupied. For an added bonus, put confetti or tiny, lightweight prizes inside balloons so that when they burst, guests will be showered with fun surprises.