Ideas for 30th Birthday Party Themes

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Turning 30 is a great milestone for men and women alike. Most people celebrate this special occasion with a party filled with close friends and family. Great food, drinks, entertainment and a dance floor keep 30th birthday party guests excited and engaged in the event. Select a theme that fits your interests and personality and use your party invitations to introduce the theme and set the tone for your party.

Casino Night

Set your party up casino style and equip it with items like chips, blackjack tables, poker tables, a roulette wheel, fake money and playing cards. Have a bar area set up to serve classic casino drinks and ask friends to be servers and dealers.

Cupcakes and Cocktails

Gather a group of your closest friends and enjoy a variety of signature cupcakes paired with cocktails created especially for your birthday. Buy the cupcakes from a local bakery or bake them at home with your friends.


Complete with leis, frozen drinks, barbecue food and guests outfitted in luau-themed apparel, this party theme is great for summer birthdays and can be held outdoors at someone’s home, at a park or at the beach. A luau theme promotes a relaxing, fun atmosphere.

Murder Mystery

For the mystery lovers, a 30th birthday theme equipped with suspense and thrilling action is ideal. Have clues and character profiles created ahead of time and ask guests to dress according to the character profile they receive with their invitation.

Decade Party

Select your favorite decade and build your 30th birthday party around it incorporating decor, food, music and party attire. Popular decades include the 20s, 50s, 60s and 80s. Clue guests in on the party theme through your invitations. Ask them to dress for the theme.

Wine Tasting

Go to your local winery and select an assortment of wines. To make things interesting, purchase wines that were bottled the same year you were born. Serve guests cheese, crackers, fruit and other finger foods they can enjoy as they sample various wines.


Piñatas, tacos, salsa, nachos, sombreros and sultry Latin sounds can make a fiesta themed 30th birthday party come to life. Serve margaritas and make sure every guest has a maraca to shake.

Hollywood Nights

Host a red carpet event at your favorite restaurant, at your home or at a rented venue. Purchase a red carpet for guests to walk on as they arrive and hire photographers to snap pictures. Serve a signature cocktail and hors d’oeuvres.