Ideas for Asking a Guy to a Banquet

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A school or work banquet is coming up and there's a special guy you have in mind for a potential date. If you think he's a bit too shy to ask you to go, take the pressure off him and consider asking him instead. Prepare a creative banquet invitation and he may be tempted to go with you.

Balloon Pop

Balloons placed on his doorstep or desk will automatically draw a guy's attention. Blow up a latex balloon and hold the opening to stop it from deflating. Use a permanent marker to write "Pop Me" on the balloon. Carefully let the air out. Write, "I'll burst with happiness, if you'll go to the banquet with me?" and your name on a small piece of paper and roll it up. Fill the balloon with confetti and place the note inside the balloon. Blow the balloon up again and tie a string to secure the opening. Tie the balloon in place you know he will see it. He'll pop the balloon to reveal the sweet invitation and get drenched in confetti.

Cookie Surprise

Satisfy the guy's sweet tooth with an edible banquet invitation. Bake him an over-sized cookie. Simply make a batch of sugar or chocolate chip cookie dough. Press the dough into a cake pan. Bake until browned and let cool. Use frosting to ice a simple invitation on the cookie, such as "Me + You = Banquet?" Slide the cookie in a box and attach a note with a message to call you. Have a friend or relative hand deliver it to his door at a time you know he'll be at home. Alternatively, mail a customized fortune cookie to his door with the message, "I'll be fortunate to have you as my date," and include your name and number.

Car Invitation

Since most guys adore their cars, think of a creative way to use your potential date's vehicle to ask him to the banquet. Consider creating a fake parking ticket to put on his car. Write a simple note, such as "You'll be fined $200, if you don't go to the banquet with [insert your name]," and place it under his car's windshield wipers. When he opens it, he'll be thrilled to see it's not from the parking authority but a sweet invitation from you. If you think he won't mind getting his car a little dirty, write the invitation on his car window with window markers. Keep the invitation short, since you won't have a lot of room for wording, such as "Be Mine 4 Banquet."

Treasure Hunt

Let your potential date embark on a little adventure that will ultimately lead to your banquet invitation. Tell him to meet you at a certain location. Instead of being there, leave a note stating he has to find you. Hide clues at a series of locations around the neighborhood that will lead to a final destination. If you're familiar with common places he likes to go, make sure to include them as locations. Leave a note at the last location that reads, "I'm your treasure. Will you go to the banquet with me?" Secretly hide behind a tree and pop out to surprise him to get his answer.