How to Use a Panasonic Pore Cleanser

The Panasonic Pore Cleanser is an electronic device that cleans deep into facial pores. This cleanser is a pore vacuum that sucks the oil, dirt and debris out of the pores, leaving behind skin that's clean deep down into the pores. With continual use, the Panasonic Pore Cleanser prevents facial acne and leads to clearer skin.

Take off any makeup. Wash your face thoroughly to remove all the dirt and excess oil. This helps the machine work better, since it doesn't have to remove surface debris, just the debris in the pores.

Open up your pores. Get in the shower or bath to open up facial pores. The heat and steam will open your pores and make them easier to clean.

Turn it on. Push the button on the side of the Panasonic Pore Cleanser to turn the device on.

Use the right cup. For the nose and hard-to-reach areas, use the small suction cup. Use the large cup for the rest of your face.

Take your time. The whole face should take about four minutes. The nose alone takes about a minute to cleanse properly. Don't rush—the machine needs time to work properly.

Push the cup against your face tightly in order to allow the suction to work. Keep it on your skin for several seconds, then pull it off using a twisting motion. Don't pull it off quickly, as this can irritate the skin and cause redness.

Calm your skin. After cleansing with the Panasonic Pore Cleanser, the skin is highly sensitive. Apply a moisturizer to help calm the skin and hydrate it properly.