How to Remove Wax From the Face

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You can have wax residue stuck to your skin for various reasons, including the use of depilatory wax or wax-based face paint or crayons. In addition, wax can transfer to your face when you blow out candles or from wax-coated fingertips after you handle wax such as beeswax or paraffin used in beauty or craft projects. No matter the type of wax, you must use heat, moisture and a product that breaks down or dissolves wax to remove it completely from your face.

Pour olive oil or baby oil on a dry, soft cloth or cotton ball, and set it aside.

Soak a cloth in hot water.

Lay the cloth on your face, covering the wax, and leave it in place for at least 5 minutes.

Remove the cloth, and gently rub at the wax with the cloth or cotton ball to remove the wax. If dealing with a lot of wax, repeat with additional oil on fresh cloths or cotton balls as needed.

Wash your face with a face soap or cleanse.

Rinse your face with a damp cloth, and pat it dry with a soft towel.

Apply aloe gel or facial oil to soothe and protect your skin. Squeeze the gel or oil into your hands first, rub them together and gently rub it onto your face.