How to Use a Lelo Lily

The Lelo Lily is a stylish sensual massager. The Lily was designed to be discreet enough to take with you anywhere and powerful enough to provide the pleasurable stimulation you seek in a massager. Designed to fit directly over the pelvic bone, the Lily is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Learning how to use the Lily will not be difficult. Once you become familiar with the controls, you will soon be enjoying the sensual vibrations you expect from a massager.


Use the Lelo Lily only after it has been fully charged. Never operate the device while the unit is still connected to an electrical outlet.

Operate the Lelo Lily in conjunction with water-based lubricants. Water-based lubricants will enhance your experience while not damaging the surface of the Lily.

Hold the “On” button down to activate the Lily. The two control buttons are toward the bottom of the Lily away from the stimulation point.

Press the “On” button and release to increase the vibration intensity. To decrease the intensity levels press the “Off” button and release.

Place the Lily on the pelvic bone with the stimulation end pointed down. The Lily is curved to fit in this position. Adjust the intensity levels desired using the “On” and “Off” buttons.

Experiment with the Lily in other erogenous zones and with a partner. The sleek design is ideal for use with intercourse with a partner or in conjunction with the use of a vaginal insertion device. Let your imagination roam free.

Turn off the Lelo Lily by pressing the “Off” button and holding the button down until the Lily shuts off. The Lily will steadily decrease the vibrational intensity as the unit powers down


Clean the Lelo Lily with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Do not immerse the Lily in water. Although it is splash-proof, the Lily is not waterproof.

Use only water-based lubricants on the Lily. Do not apply silicone-based lubricants to the body of the Lily.

Charge your Lily for no more than 24 hours. Overcharging the battery will shorten the life of the battery.