How to Transfer Images in Cake Decorating


0:05 hi my name is Portia Kimball the cake

0:08 diva and today I'm going to show you how

0:10 to use an edible image and transfer it

0:12 onto your cake there's a few different

0:14 ways to do this but please remember that

0:16 this still is paper so no water is to be

0:19 involved what we're going to do here is

0:21 actually peel the image off the back of

0:24 this paper and then simply apply it to

0:26 the cake but first we have to cut it now

0:30 what I'm going to do is actually take

0:32 the image off the backing and place it

0:35 gently on top of my cake

0:37 please remember to be careful because

0:39 the edible images do tear and they're

0:42 very delicate now we have our image and

0:45 as you can see it's pretty flimsy and

0:47 it's a very delicate if you're afraid

0:49 that your image is gonna tear during

0:50 this process simply put it in a freezer

0:52 bag and then place it in the

0:54 refrigerator or even the freezer to step

0:56 it up the image so what we have is a

0:58 cake Caird that's freshly buttercreamed

1:00 and I'm simply going to just put this

1:03 image right here in the middle smooth it

1:07 over with my hand and there you have it

1:11 an image transferred onto your cake my

1:13 name is Portia Kimball the cake diva and

1:15 we'll see you next time

1:24 you