How to Throw a WWE-Themed Birthday Party for Children

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hosting a World Wrestling Entertainment-themed party for your child's birthday might generate images of kids delivering flying clotheslines to one another off the armrest of your couch, but the party doesn't have to be a chaotic event. Provided you take care to select decor, food, costumes and activities, the assembled kids can focus on their love of wrestling rather than try it themselves.


Grab some banners, streamers and balloons, and decorate your home with posters or pictures of stars such as John Cena, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. If you don't have access to official WWE decorations, print some images of the organization's top stars, and accent the room with red and black streamers and balloons, which represent the WWE's official colors.

Menu Items

When shopping for WWE decor, don't stop at pictures and decorations. Purchase wrestling-themed paper cups, plates and napkins. Decorate the birthday cake with an image of your child's favorite wrestler, and give creative names to the party food. Examples include Mark Henry hamburgers or The Big Show's enormous pizza. The food itself doesn't have to specifically tie into the wrestling theme, but giving engaging names to common food may appeal to kids.

Wrestler Costumes

Encourage party attendees to dress as favorite WWE superstars. As an incentive, hold a contest and give prizes such as WWE action figures to the kids who have the best or most imaginative costumes. For an added twist, dress as a wrestler yourself. To dress as Undertaker, for example, wear a wide-brimmed hat, don a long wig and wear a dark trench coat. Give each attendee the chance to make a grand entrance into the party; if possible, play the appropriate entry music for the child's wrestler on your computer.

WWE-Themed Activities

The party's invitees might be anxious to burn off some steam by trying some wrestling moves of their own, but make safety your main priority and discourage rough behavior. Instead, play an episode or two of the latest WWE broadcast or show a superstar's highlights. WWE video games keep the kids entertained, but keep an eye on the proceedings to ensure everyone gets a turn.