How to Throw a Tennis Party

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Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. From children just learning to play the game, to high school students who play on their school team or compete in tournaments to adults who play in the many organized leagues throughout the country, tennis has a wide appeal. There's no better way to end the tennis season or just to celebrate your love of the sport than by having a tennis party.

Decide on location. Successful tennis parties can be held at your home, at a restaurant or at the clubhouse at the courts.

Send out invitations. If you live close enough that you can personally deliver the invitations, you may want to write them on a tennis ball with a permanent marker. Otherwise, you can send out an “evite” with a tennis theme or send an invitation through the regular mail that you have made in the shape of a tennis ball.

Make a centerpiece. If your party will center around a lunch or dinner, you will want a tennis centerpiece. This can be elaborate, such as making a mini tennis court using a cookie sheet as your court, covering it with playground sand and dressing up some Barbie dolls in tennis clothes playing the game, to simply using large glass containers filled with tennis balls or placing some tennis balls in a flower arrangement.

Decide on funny award titles to give each player on the tennis team, such as “best lobber,” “person most likely to go three sets,” “best stalling techniques,” “best drop shot” or any other personality or playing traits unique to the player.

Give out awards. The awards can be items such as a can of tennis balls, a pair of tennis socks, tennis towels or a grip for a racket. The tennis section at a sporting goods store will give you plenty of ideas.

Serve food and drinks. You can cater the party or have it potluck style.

Provide a photo opportunity. Make a cardboard cutout of a famous tennis player so that people can pose next to it for a memorable photograph.