How to Throw a Last-Minute Super Bowl Party

Kelly Smith | Disney Powless | Cris & Christina Dupont

Although you may not be under the same level of stress as the two teams vying for glory on Super Bowl Sunday, it can still feel daunting to be in charge of the viewing party. But don't opt out for the injured list just yet. Use the remaining days before the big showdown to make a game plan, and your celebration will go off without a hitch.

Study the Roster

You don't need to wear a team jersey to show your enthusiasm -- these game day T-shirts will put you and your guests in the zone. Iron on these slogans, or try guests' nicknames, for a personalized uniform.

Kelly Smith

Prepare for Kick-Off

Even though all eyes will be on your television screen, decorations are still an important detail. This festive table runner will keep your home's theme in bounds.

Disney Powless

Have a Bird's Eye View in Your Living Room

This may be ambitious, but nothing says "game time" quite like a stadium made of food. Unveil this spectacle right as the blimp is showing views of the 50-yard line from the sky, and guests will do a double take.

Cris & Christina Dupont

Serve Coin-Toss Tots

Choosing between "heads" or "tails" can be tricky, but deciding to pile cheddar bacon tater tots on your plate? Simple.

Thalia Ho

Tackle Those Nachos

A Super Bowl party isn't complete without a heaping serving of nachos, and this cheese dip will be a hit -- again, and again, and again -- throughout the game.

Charity Mathews

Start the First Quarter Feast

You don't need to spend the first minutes of the game in the kitchen. Prepare this crockpot chili before guests arrive, and you won't miss the initial plays.

Julia Mueller

Don't Take a Commercial Break

As you know, some of the best moments of the Super Bowl happen off the field. When you whip up this taco casserole ahead of the party, you can sit through the commercials, too.

Charity Mathews

Allow for Second Quarter Sips

A touchdown feels more exciting when fans can stand up and celebrate. Make that moment even better when your guests can cheer with Guinness beer milkshakes in hand.

Mary Dacuma

Throw Your Own Halftime Show

Of course you'll want to be in front of the screen during halftime to see the all-out performances. But once the lights go dim, bring your guests outside. This football piñata is great for kids who've grown tired of the game, and parents who need to stretch their legs.

Kelly Smith

Be a Third-Quarter Whistle Blower

Make these slow-cooker chicken wings before the party starts, and guests can pick them up as the second half gets underway. Be sure to keep an eye out for guests who want to take them all for themselves -- it's easy to do.

Ashley Manila

Announce the MVP Award

It's pretty clear who the most valuable player is going to be toward the end of the game. And like the football star who stole the show, this brown sugar ham glaze may be what your guests remember most after seeing the final score.

Tieghan Gerard

Go for a Fourth Quarter Finale

The players give it their all until the very end, and you should, too. If you want to wow your guests in the final moments of the game, these brownie treats can be your "Hail Mary" pass.

Courtney Whitmore