How to Tenderize Pork


0:04 I'm Anthony buco and this is how to

0:07 tenderize pork what we have here we have

0:09 different cuts of the animal so I have a

0:12 loin I have a rack and I have

0:14 tenderloins today we're gonna show a dry

0:17 rub brining and a marinade all three of

0:21 those are very easy to duplicate in the

0:23 home and all three of them add

0:24 incredible flavor profiles to the

0:26 protein we're gonna start with a dry rub

0:29 dry rubs are generally used with things

0:31 like ribs and the like but in this case

0:32 we're going to use them with more of the

0:35 middle of the animal proteins things

0:36 that are a little bit more tender

0:38 that said we take a combination of

0:40 different hard spices herbs and

0:42 seasonings and in this case we'll be

0:44 using everything from fennel pollen to

0:46 cinnamon to salt sugar a little bit of

0:49 coriander lavender and we're basically

0:52 going to pack that protein in those hard

0:55 spices and allow that to kind of

0:56 permeate generally you let that go for

0:58 about two hours and from there we're

1:02 ready to go into the oven with the

1:03 marinade it's a little bit different

1:04 it's more of a wet application so we'll

1:06 be using some acid we'll be using some

1:07 fat in essence the acid will help break

1:10 down the protein the goal here is again

1:12 to make that animal that that protein

1:14 fork-tender and also contribute

1:16 incredible flavors and then finally the

1:18 brine brine is something that's a little

1:20 bit you know generally used more for

1:22 birds but in this case it's perfect for

1:23 pork especially bone on what we

1:25 basically do is we make a very flavorful

1:27 liquid appareil and submerge the the

1:30 protein in that and allow it to kind of

1:32 absorb all of that nice flavor

1:34 again it's generally equal parts of salt

1:36 and sugar with some nice essence of

1:38 herbs and some different spices in there

1:40 as well and that allows the meat to

1:41 perfume and allows it to really kind of

1:43 capture the essence of what we're trying

1:45 to flavor it with in addition to that it

1:47 generally yields an incredibly moist

1:49 product which when we're talking about

1:51 pork a lot of times that's one of the

1:52 biggest things and inversions that

1:54 people have to it is it doesn't maintain

1:56 its moisture through the cooking process

1:57 so those are really the three ways that

1:59 we will work on tenderizing and

2:01 maintaining a moisture content in the

2:02 actual protein

2:04 you