How to Stop Rubber Rain Boots From Squeaking

Squeaky rain boots can be annoying, embarrassing and frustrating. Squeaking rubber rain boots are a common problem, however, due to the rubber material that most boots are made of and the fact that they are worn when it is wet outside, adding to the likelihood that they will develop a squeak. A few simple products around the house can stop the squeaking so that you can walk in the rain in peace.

Examine the sole of the rain boot to see if any portion of the sole is separated from the boot. This separation can be a main cause of squeaking in rain boots or any other shoes. Take super glue and affix the loose portion of the rain boot to the sole.

Take a sharp object, such as a knife or screwdriver, and pierce three to four small holes in the surface of the rain boot's sole. Be careful to pierce only the bottom of the sole and not punch a hole all the way through. Do this for both boots and see if this easy step stops the squeaking.

Take a bottle of hair conditioner, get a small amount in the palm of your hand and apply a thin layer to the sole of the shoes. This can make shoes somewhat slippery while walking on wet sidewalks but should stop the squeaking. Reapply to the rain boots as needed.

Add a dusting of baby powder to the inside sole of the shoes if the squeaking sound is coming from inside the shoe. Reapply as needed when the squeaking returns.

Take the rain boots to a shoe repair shop if none of these steps work. Ask the shoe repair store to look for the source of the squeaking, affix the sole or resole the rain boots entirely with a sole that has traction that is made out of a different type of rubber.