How to Spot Fake Dooney & Bourke Handbags


0:00 hello this is Gabriela Garzon at GG

0:02 image and etiquette consulting in Coral

0:04 Gables Florida

0:05 in this clip I'm going to talk about how

0:08 to spot a fake Dooney and Bourke do

0:10 network are known because they're very I

0:13 have an old black one but they are known

0:17 lately and what recently for having a

0:22 lot of multicolored and they always have

0:24 the monograms outside but I will show

0:27 you that for example Dooney and Bourke

0:29 uses a lot of leather you will hardly

0:32 hardly ever see a Dooney and Bourke that

0:35 has that is made out of like cloth or

0:38 sort of like a soft type of material

0:40 because they're always made of leather

0:42 most of them are hard leather and they

0:45 are very kind of like classic shapes and

0:48 another thing that you have to notice as

0:50 well is Dounia Berg has like wide

0:52 stitches as you can see here they're

0:54 like why they're kind of big for a purse

0:57 because they always come either in the

1:00 middle or on the sides of the purse in

1:02 this case it's on the meal but it's very

1:05 very noticeable so you will see it on

1:07 both sides and then it will always have

1:10 right here the little name on it once

1:13 again this is Gabbie Garzon at GG image

1:14 and etiquette consulting