How to Set a Mossimo Watch

BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

If you have never owned a Mossimo watch, or you have never set a watch that uses a crown, it can be a little confusing to figure out at first. The crown is the pin sticking out of the side of the watch, and it can be used to set the hour, minutes and even the date of the watch. Having all of these functions included in one simple piece keeps the watch lighter and less complicated.

Remove the watch from your wrist.

Grip the crown and unscrew it counter-clockwise with two fingers. Pull it away from the center of the watch until it clicks. If you have trouble gripping it with your fingers you may be able to pry the crown outward with a fingernail once it is unscrewed. This is considered the second position.

Turn the crown clockwise to set the day. Set the date to yesterday’s date. This will be important in Step 5 in determining whether the clock is displaying AM or PM.

Pull the crown out further from the watch until it clicks. This is the third position.

Turn the crown clockwise to set the hours and minutes. As the minute hand reaches “12” it will switch to the next hour. Watch the date setting and keep winding until it clicks over from yesterday's date to the current date. This will be “12 AM” and you can now keep winding until the watch is set to the correct time.

Press the crown all the way back into the watch to start it running again.