How to Select Rehearsal Dinner Favors

How to Select Rehearsal Dinner Favors. Give your guests a fun way to remember your rehearsal dinner by offering unique party favors. While distributing favors is not a requirement for the pre-wedding celebration, many brides and grooms choose to give guests a small token to commemorate the special gathering. The gifts can be formal, fun or personalized. Make sure they are representative of the engaged couple and fit the style of the event.

Select favors with a classic feel, such as engraved silver picture frames, glass vases, scented candles or porcelain figurines if your wedding will be formal in style. Casual gifts, such as mini games, customized playing cards or decorated cookies, will compliment a more laid-back rehearsal dinner.

Save money on favors by selecting fun, useful but very inexpensive gifts such as packets of flower seeds, homemade candies or even--for a light-hearted twist--lottery tickets.

Select gifts that enhance the theme of your rehearsal dinner if you're having a festive luau, barbecue or other event requiring a specialized menu. An Asian-themed party is a great opportunity to give ornate fans or fortune cookies with customized notes. Barbecue sauce or aprons work well for a backyard barbecue. For a tropical-themed dinner, offer flip-flops or sunscreen.

Shop for a variety of favors at, which offers favors for different seasons and wedding themes. You can also find comprehensive selections of favors at, and (see Resources below). Many of the items on these sites cost well under $5 if you order in bulk, and can be personalized for your guests.

Order about 10 more favors than you think you'll need in case you have some last-minute additions to your rehearsal dinner guest list.

Order boxes, ribbon or small gift bags to package your favors. Incorporate the favors into your place settings, either by setting a gift in the center of each plate or off to the side near the champagne flute. Setting a gift on each guest's chair is another option.