How to Season a Scanpan

Faucet in sink

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You can season a scanpan in just a few uses by cleaning it correctly after each use. Scanpans are made of thick aluminum and have a hard ceramic-titanium inner coating. The interior of the pan is not completely smooth and tends to discolor with use. This color change is brought on by the oils that are cooked into the scanpan's surface. Accumulated fats and spice oils tend to give foods that are cooked in a seasoned scanpan deep and complex flavors.

Fill a large sink or tub with cold water until it is a little more than two-thirds full.

Grab the hot scanpan straight from the stove and quickly dunk it completely underwater. There will be a loud hiss and a big puff of steam so keep your face back.

Leave the hot scanpan in the cold water for at least five minutes before draining the sink or tub.

Scrub the inner surface of the scanpan using a sturdy nylon bristle brush and light pressure.

Rinse the entire scanpan under the cold running water and pat the exterior dry with a kitchen towel.

Repeat this washing process after every use of the scanpan. After about the third or fourth use you will begin to see and taste the seasoning on the inner surface of the scanpan.