How to Boil Beetroot

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Beetroot, or beet, is a tasty and succulent vegetable, renowned for its dark red color. A rich source of iron and several other minerals and vitamins, beetroot can be eaten raw, baked or boiled. Raw beetroots are crunchy, but when baked they take on a sweet-pungent flavor. If you prefer soft and sweet-tasting beetroots, boil them before using in salads, sandwiches or other recipes.

Cut any leaves attached to the beetroot with a kitchen knife or scissors. Leave about 2 inches of the leaf stalk at the end of the beetroot. This will retain the color, flavor and appearance of the beetroot.

Place the beetroots under running water to wash. Use your hands to scrub them gently to wash away any soil. Ensure that you do not pierce or damage the beetroot skin.

Set the uncut beetroots in a saucepan filled with water. Place the saucepan on medium heat and simmer for around 40 minutes or until the beetroots are tender. Insert a fork or knife inside the beetroot. If the fork enters the beetroot easily, it is tender and cooked. Additionally, the skin will come off easily from cooked beetroots.

Drain and rinse the beetroots with cold water. Let them stand for a while to cool naturally. Use a knife or your fingers to peel away the beetroot skin, and use as required.