How to Repair Rubber Boots With Glue Containing Reinforcing Fibers

by Kallie Johnson ; Updated September 28, 2017

Rubber boots protect your feet from water.

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A hole in your rubber boots is not the end of their life. Holes and tears are repairable with a rubber glue containing reinforcing fibers. The glue utilizes the fibers to bind the rubber back together. Once the damage is fixed, the rubber boots can be worn and cleaned as if it hadn't happened.

Locate the hole or tear in the rubber boots.

Place a piece of wax paper inside the boot, directly behind the hole or tear. This will act as a surface holding the glue in place, while preventing the glue from falling into the boot.

Pull the rubber gently, so the rubber around the hole or tear is tight. While pulling gently, fill the hole or tear with a rubber-repairing glue containing reinforcing fibers. Fill so that it is even with the rest of the rubber surface.

Place a plastic bag over your finger. Rub your finger over the hole or tear to lightly spread the top layer of the glue across the rubber boot, blending the glue with the hole. This will allow it to adhere to the boot.

Allow the glue to completely dry and harden on the rubber boot. This should take 48 to 72 hours. Gently peel the wax paper away from the inside of the boot.

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