How to Remove Cooking Grease and Oil Stains from Clothing

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Don't let grease stains ruin your clothes.

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Grease and cooking oil stains are tough to remove. They soak into the fabric and regular washing will simply cause them to set in. If you are unfortunate enough to get grease or cooking oil on your clothes, don’t let it ruin the item. Instead, use products you may already have at home to remove the stain and stave the clothing.

Cover the grease or oil stain with liquid dish soap as soon as you notice it.

Use your fingertip and/or fingernail to gently rub the dish liquid into the soiled area. Be sure to cover the soiled area completely. It may be necessary to apply extra pressure when rubbing in the dish liquid soap.

Wait about five minutes to allow the dish liquid to break up the oil or grease stain.

Rinse with hot running water until you notice that the stain is gone.

Launder the garment as soon as possible according to the label instructions.


  • This works best if you immediately treat the soiled area.

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