How to Remove a Perm or Chemicals From Your Hair

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Perms are a popular, trendy way of styling the hair, which involves chemical or thermal treatment. A perm can produce curls, waves or straight hair, which can last for at least 4 to 6 weeks. During that time, the new growth will push the perm to the ends of the hair. There may be times when a person may want to remove the perm from their hair and return it to its natural texture. Removing a perm may take some time, but it can be done with the right procedure.

Shampoo your hair and use a towel to dry out most of the moisture. Comb out the hair to loosen tangles. Place a dry towel across your shoulders to keep the hair from falling on your clothes.

Determine how much length of your hair you want to cut. Cutting your hair is the only effective way of removing a perm or chemicals from the hair. Each time the hair is cut, it promotes new growth.

Use a comb to part your hair in small sections at a time. Comb out a small section of the hair from the roots and hold it firmly between your index and middle finger. Use the scissors to cut the length of the excess hair. Occasionally spritz some water from a spray bottle on the hair to keep it damp. Continue to cut small sections of your hair until you are finished, then comb and style it.