How to Play Fun Bridal Shower Games

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No bridal shower is complete without fun games. Most bridal shower party games have themes that represent an element of marriage or the wedding itself. You should always take the number, ages and personalities of your attendees into consideration when choosing games to play at the bridal shower. And don't forget the prizes.

Hold a nylons and oranges race. No one will forget this funny bridal shower game (but it's better for a shower with a younger crowd). Create a start line and finish line a few feet apart. Place a large orange in the foot of a pair of nylon stockings for each contestant. Tie the stockings around the contestants' waists with the nylon leg holding the orange dangling between the legs -- with the orange touching the ground. Each contestant will use her hips to swing/thrust the orange across the finish line. Have a video camera handy!

Make toilet paper wedding dresses. Divide the group into teams, and have each team pick a model. Set a timer, and instruct each team to create a wedding dress on the model out of toilet paper. The bride picks the best toilet paper wedding dress.

Play a bridal shower word jumble. Choose 10 wedding-related words, and scramble the letters of each word. Print out enough copies of the scrambled words for each person. The first person to unscramble all of the words wins. If no one can finish the list after 10 minutes, the person with the most correctly unscrambled words wins.