How to Plan a Graduation Party

How to Plan a Graduation Party. Graduates love to have a place to mingle and celebrate the big event - not to mention all those years that have gone by. Add some food and beverages and you'll have the perfect party.

Choose a date and time for the party. Remember that there are many festivities and family commitments scheduled at this time of year, so choose a date and time that allow graduates to be flexible.

Set an approximate budget. This decision will help drive the others you need to make.

Consider the type of party you want. Again, keeping in mind that a lot may be going on, perhaps an open house or drop-in type party might be best.

Decide on a menu. Keep the age of the partygoers in mind when choosing food and drink: Pizza and soda may be great for high school graduates, but college graduates may expect something more sophisticated.

Make a guest list. You can limit the guests to close friends and family, or you can aim for a broader cross-section of friends or classmates.

Plan decorations if you want them. Consider school colors, graduation year or school sports teams as a theme.

Buy or make invitations, and send them out with enough advance warning. Remember to include the date and time of the party, a general idea of the dress ("dressy," "casual") and indicate whether there will be a meal served, or if it's just hors d'oeuvres and drinks.

Order a cake. No graduation party is complete without a "Congratulations Graduates!" cake to share.