How to Plan a Family Reunion

How to Plan a Family Reunion. Organize a memorable family reunion to renew lost contacts, introduce new ones and celebrate your heritage.

Make a list of family members, including spouses, partners and children. Get contact information for all the people on your list.

Choose a date when most people can attend. Summer months are often ideal, since children are out of school.

Decide how long you want the reunion to last and where to have it. Hold it near most family members if you're clustered in one area. Pick a central location, if you're scattered.

Develop a budget and decide how much each family will need to contribute. Avoid making costs prohibitively high.

Visit reunion sites--such as hotels, inns and country clubs--and reserve one early.

Determine the menu--perhaps one that celebrates your family's heritage. Find a caterer or restaurant that can supply food for the event.

Appoint a family historian to take photographs or videos during the event.

Plan social activities for the reunion--icebreaker games, sports, contests and talent shows. Include activities that will appeal to all ages. Buy prizes for your games or for distinctions such as oldest family member or longest distance traveled to attend.

Send an initial mailing to gauge interest and preferences and to ask for help with planning. Send invitations later, with relevant information, directions and a map. Ask for a check from each family for its part of the reunion expenses.