Black History Month Activities for Adults

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You’ll find more than enough activities for children during Black History Month, but what about adults? Just like children need to learn about black culture, adults do, too. Participate in the celebration of African Americans and their impact on the world by getting together with other adults to try out fun and educational activities.

Black History Month Day-by-Day

Take five weeks to explore numerous aspects of the African American culture with this activity. Everyone, from children to adults can learn about Black History Moth participating in the lessons. Discovering exactly what Black History Month is and the reasons to celebrate it comes in the very first week of the activity. The second week is set aside for learning about famous African American artists, musicians and writers--the week after, famous scientists and inventors. Expound upon the differences that African American civic leaders made during the fourth week, and take the last week to remember everything learned throughout all the weeks set aside to celebrate the Black culture. Find additional ideas and questions for discussion when you visit the Teaching Day-by-Day website.

“Quoting Greatness” and “Who Am I?”

Visit website to test your knowledge about the African American culture, with online games and quizzes. "Quoting Greatness" allows you to sharpen up on your memory skills by figuring out what famous African American said certain great quotes. "Who Am I?" tests how fast you can figure out who a certain African American person is. Just connect to the internet and visit the site to play the fun, yet educational, game and quiz.

NewsOne Black History Month

Make your online experience a whole new one by celebrating the achievements of African Americans with website Using video profiles, photos, trivia and more, the site explores the black culture with the click of your computer’s mouse. Typically, the website sets aside 28 days in the month of February to explore a different aspect of African Americans and their significance in society, on a daily basis.