How to Plan a Duck Themed Baby Shower

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Ducks make a great theme for any baby shower. Add a splash of pink or polka dot ducks for a girl baby shower or tie blue ribbons around yellow ducks for a boy baby shower. You can also choose yellow or green ducks to stay gender neutral. Here are some ideas that will fit the "bill" for your upcoming baby shower.

Go nuts with rubber ducks. Purchase rubber ducks in every size and color that goes with your overall theme (boy, girl or neutral). Rubber ducks can be purchased at most big box stores, such as Wal-Mart and through wholesale suppliers, such as Oriental Trading. In addition, you may be able to find rubber ducks at local party supply stores.

Blow up photographs of ducks and scatter them around the room, on the tables or even cut them out and hang down from the ceiling.

Cover the ceiling with streamers. There are so many wonderful options for what you can do on the ceiling. An alternating or even checkerboard pattern might be time consuming, but is quite the eye-catcher and isn't your baby shower worth it? Try using contrasting colors of pink and white, blue and white or even pink and blue. Yellow and green work well for gender neutral showers. There are even streamers available at party supply stores that feature ducks.

Hang ducks on a fishing line and suspend from the ceiling just under the streamers. You may even want to use dark blue and dark blue streamers and create an "upside down" pond on the ceiling or a sideways pond (places streamers or construction paper in circular or oval pattern) on the wall.

Purchase or make a duck cake. The cake is almost always one of the centerpieces of a baby shower. There are many different options for a duck themed cake. A round cake with blue icing can look like a pond. Add small rubber ducks to the surface and appropriate lettering. Another option is to create or purchase a tiered cake and trail different sizes of ducks up the side, with the largest one in the center-top. Many bakeries now offer the ability to put an image on a cake. Use a photograph of ducks or a photograph of the mom-to-be holding a huge stuffed duck toy. Your only limit is your creativity and imagination.

Create a bowl of blue punch by using fruit punch or blue raspberry (supplies may vary by store, but anything blue will work), adding a 2-liter of ginger ale. Top off with sterilized rubber ducks floating on top or create ice cubes in the shape of ducks. Duck ice cube holders can be found at stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby. They can occasionally be found at Wal-Mart.

Purchase duck shaped Peeps candy, if it is available in your area when the shower is held. If the timing of the shower coincides with Easter, your selections are going to be much more vast. You may even be able to find duck shaped tarts or mints to place in bowls on the table.

Bake duck shaped cookies, and use icing in the colors of the shower theme. A nice addition can be different baby names piped in icing on top of each duck. You could even turn this into a game (more on the game below).

Create a name game with duck shaped cookies. Place possible baby names on the cookies in piped icing. Allow each guest to choose a duck with the name of her choice. Then, have the mom-to-be tell which name(s) she is considering and offer door prizes to those who chose the same name(s).

Place rubber ducks in a small child's swimming pool or a large plastic tub. This is just like the child's carnival game. Write "prize" on the bottom of one or more ducks. Be sure to remove the prize duck(s) from the selection when it is chosen. Those who choose a duck with the word "prize" receive a door prize.

Create a pin the beak on the duck game with a cut-out and an orange beak cut from construction paper. Be sure to blindfold guests and spin them at least three times to make this game super fun. The person who gets closest to the duck's actual beak position wins. Don't worry. Even though this is a child's game, adults will love it too.