How to Pick Miss Clairol Hair Colors

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Miss Clairol is a line of professional quality hair color that can be purchased in beauty supply stores or online. One of the biggest perks of the line is the wide range of choices -- there are 62 different color shades. Sometimes, having this much of a variety can make it confusing or difficult to pick the right hair color for you. Simply observing things about your face and personal wardrobe can make the choice easier.

Determine if you belong to the warm category or the cool category. Skin tones that are dark, olive, medium pale or medium, pale or bronze are a part of the cool category. Skin tones that are brown but have pink or golden undertones, peach, freckly, or pale that has golden undertones belong in the warm category.

Observe a Miss Clairol hair color guide, also known as swatches, to see which of the colors fit your category. Cool category hair types can easily pull off blue blacks, dark browns, ash browns, blond and platinum. Warm category hair types should go for brown with red or dark blond highlights, red, reddish blond and golden blond.

Select the shade that best supports what look you are going for from the choices in your category. Whether you are trying to stay close to your natural shade or achieve a drastic change, each category has a whole range of darks and lights.