How to Personalize Birthday Messages

by Kelly Smith

Items you will need

  • Card stock
  • Photos
  • Video camera
  • Ribbons
  • Pen
  • Craft foam pieces
  • Buttons
  • Semi-precious stones
  • Pencils

Celebrate your man's birthday this year with a personalized birthday message instead of a standard greeting card. Present a personalized message idea like a video greeting, a photo card or poem especially for him to make his birthday unforgettable. You can use creative scrapbooking tools like rubber stamps and ribbon to embellish the personalized cards. Sharing the memories of your journey of life together through a story card is another way to create a unique message.

Personalized Poem

Step 1

Make a card with card stock by folding it in half one time. Glue red wrapping paper onto the entire outside cover and back of the card. Write "Happy Birthday" on the front in gold with a calligraphy pen. Decorate with embellishments like foam balloons and heart-shaped buttons. Inside the card, take petals from dried flowers he gave you in the past and glue them on the inside of the card, leaving room to write a poem inside.

Step 2

Create a cartoon-style, story flip-page birthday card, if you are an artist. Staple several pages together, creating a cartoon of you and him on each page. Start the first page with how you met and your adventures together, with the cartoon people representing the two of you. Each page represents another month or year, depending on how long you've been together. The last page will be the drawn picture of you holding a birthday cake, and next to it a personalized birthday poem.

Step 3

Write the name of that special someone in place of the blanks in the poem from the Special Birthday Poems Web site.

Happy Birthday ___*__ Happy Birthday, on this special day, Your eyes always shine, like the sun in May._ *_ is definitely a beautiful name, Living truthfully is nothing to shame.

Memories of laughter, and singing as well, A personality more distinct than a shell. I wish you happiness, **** our star, I think of you, even from afar. by Martin Dejnicki

Create your own poem to personalize with your special birthday boy's name if you want something different.

Write down the poem inside the card with his name in the appropriate places. Use a calligraphy pen to write the poem to make it stand out. Another idea is to write the poem on separate piece of special paper that looks worn or antique-looking that he can later put in a frame.

Photo Cards

Step 1

Find photos with you and the birthday guy in them. Look for at least three to five photos with pictures of the two of you on vacation, with the children, celebrating an anniversary or a special day together. Choose one from when you first met; the others could show the journey of your relationship. Print out the photos small enough to fit on the birthday card, using a photo editor program. You can do creative things to the photos like printing them in black and white.

Step 2

Create a special card you've made from a patterned A4 card stock you can find at a craft store. Create a larger card like a 12-by-12-inch card or bigger that will stand out. Glue a large red bow down the side of the front of the card to make it look like a present. Write "Happy Birthday" on the front with a colored or silver craft pen. Make a birthday cake out of craft foam, and glue real candles on top of the cake and glue them underneath the "Happy Birthday" greeting.

Add index cards or heart-shaped cards as an idea. Write down something you love about him on each card, such as "You're kind" and "I love how your nose crinkles when you smile." Write personal things that are about him, that he can keep and take out and look at when he wants to brighten his day.

You could also put these cards in different places for him to find every day for the month of his birthday. Place one in with his lunch that he will see when he eats at work, and another on the mirror when he wakes up in the morning. The last day will be the special card. Write another special attribute with the pictures pasted into the card.

Step 3

Use embellishments like ribbons and semi-precious stones like jasper to outline and frame the photos you glue onto the card. Paste the one of when you first met on the front. Paste the rest on both sides of the inside of the card. Write a personalized message under each photo and what made that shared moment with him so special to mark each part of your journey with him. Present the photo card in a box tied with a fancy ribbon.

Video Greetings

Step 1

Record and edit a video of you wishing happy birthday to the special man in your life. Choose a song that is special to both of you and put it in some video clips of special moments with both of you. For example, show a clip of your wedding, vacations and your children.

Step 2

Have your kids do a play recorded on a video for him. Dress up in costumes and act out some shared memories with their daddy like going fishing or going to the beach together. Have one of them dress up to play daddy as well.

Act out a music video and write out lyrics about their daddy as a recorded birthday video.

Step 3

E-mail him the video. Call him on the phone to be sure he is at his computer. If possible, make sure he is watching it with his children, if they contributed to the video. Watch as he opens up the surprise e-mail.


  • Write the personalized poem on colored parchment paper and frame it.

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