How to Paint Men's Toenails

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The well-groomed male pays attention to the details. He likes to keep his skin conditioned, and he keeps his hands and feet in good shape. This may include exfoliating, moisturizing, trimming the nails and possibly painting them. The color choice is an individual one. Some men enjoy darker shades such as black, brown and dark blue. Some men paint their toes a lighter color, maybe beige. Other men stick with matte shades and stay away from glittery ones.

Wash your feet well. Scrub any calluses around the toes. Many men's toes are neglected and have dead skin around them, so scrub them hard with a nail brush.

Clip your toe nails with a toe nail clipper. Clip them straight across, leaving about a quarter-inch sticking up past the toe nail.

Paint the toe nails with your polish. Pull the brush out of the bottle, scraping one side of it against the bottle neck. This deducts the amount of polish on the brush since you don't need much for toe nails. Paint a thin layer from the base of the nail to the edge.

Wipe away nail polish that gets onto the toe with your finger, or a napkin wrapped around your finger.

Let the polish dry for about 30 minutes, then apply a second coat.