How to Manscape Chest Hair

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To look more attractive and show off that sexy chest you must manscape your chest hair. The time of big furry chests has gone out with the 70's for most men. Nowadays, proper grooming for men includes trimming, shaving and waxing unwanted or unruly body hair. Most men today want a clean, smooth look that accentuates their masculine muscles and features. Trimmed and shaved body and chest hair also helps keep down odor and makes for a great look.

Items you will need

  • Good set of men's grooming clippers
  • Razor
  • Shaving cream
Step 1

Consider what your partner might like when deciding how much to trim or shave from your chest. Many men opt for trimming their chest hair rather than shaving their chest totally bare. Also remember, if you opt for the totally bare look by using a razor this will be a high maintenance look. It is also itchy for you when the hair starts to grow back and can scratch your partner.

Step 2

Buy the best men's body grooming tool you can afford. You don't want to go cheap on a good clipper set with all the tools you need. To trim your chest you need a body trimmer that comes with different combs to allow for different length trimming. You should also be able to use the trimmer with any hair direction. Make sure the men's groomer you select can be used in the shower or dry.

Step 3

Select the comb you want to use to achieve the desired length of chest hair you want. I suggest you start out with a little longer length. You can always switch to a different blade or comb to go shorter.

Step 4

Trim your chest hair in front of a mirror so you can see how it looks and to make sure you are keeping both sides even. Don't get any crazy ideas like shaving a pattern into your chest. Keeps a natural look to your chest. Don't leave hair out over your shoulders and collarbones. Use a shorter blade on your outer chest.

Step 5

Shave in the shower if you decided to go with the bare chest look. You can use the shortest blade from your grooming kit.


  • Don't worry. Hair grows back quickly if you aren't quite happy with your first hair trimming. Keep all the important parts of your body trimmed but natural for a great look. Don't go extreme if your partner has no idea you might be doing this.

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