How to Make Your Growing Beard Look Better

Leonard Mc Lane/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The most challenging phase in creating and maintaining an attractive bearded look comes during the growing phase. Beard growth may be uneven, patchy, or scraggly, resulting in unkempt facial hair. Beard experts, called pogonologists, study beards and write about their history and their effect on men's appearance. The right facial hair detracts from problems and plays up the strengths of your looks, according to "Esquire." Follow basic grooming and styling tips for a growing beard to make it look better as it reaches its potential.

Grow your new beard in the winter. It will help keep your face warm and the break from shaving provides relief to chapped skin.

Start your beard during a vacation or break from your regular routine, if you decide to grow your beard at a different time of year or in a location where the winters aren't cold. Stop shaving during your break to give your facial hair time to look intentional, so you won't have to go to school or work looking like you forgot to shave. Accept that during the first month it won't look like a beard yet.

Check where your beard grows and where it doesn't. Sticking to a beard style you can grow helps you look your best while you're growing a beard. If after four to six weeks of growth you see areas on your jaw with little or no beard growth, shave off the unsuccessful areas of growth. A full goatee looks better than a patchy beard.

Create a tapered line on your neckline, not a straight line. Ask a barber for help with this to get a neat, professional look. For best results on your own, create a gentle angle as if there was a curved line from your earlobe to right above your Adam's apple. Trim it to higher up on your neck and jaw, if you prefer.

Leave the hair on your cheeks natural for a full beard. This gives your beard a natural style of blending with your face. Shaving the top of the line of the beard works for a chin strap beard or other style worn lower on the jaw.

Comb your beard before trimming it, once it's long enough. Comb it down first and then comb it up to fluff it out. Take your time to trim it evenly and follow the line of your face for a neat appearance. Keeping a growing beard neat helps to maintain a well-groomed look during the growth phase.