How to Make Things With Bullet Brass

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Expended shell casings, commonly referred to as brass, have become a symbol of masculine fashion. Worn by those going for a hard case look, bullets and bullet brass are incorporated into a variety of accessories and fashion designs. However, if you want to save yourself a little bit of money and you're willing to spend some time on a craft project, you can make a lot of different things with bullet brass.

Draw up a blueprint for your design. For instance; if you're making a necklace from a bullet casing, you should draw where you're drilling the brass and how you're going to attach it to a necklace. Your best bet is to put an eye screw through the back of the bullet, where the center fire charge used to be, but you can also drill sideways through the bullet and put a ring through it. This is more difficult, though, because the casing is round.

Put a mark on the casing to show where you're drilling. Put the casing in a vise, either holding it with the back facing up or the side facing up, depending on your choice. Carefully drill a small hole through the casing.

Take the casing out of the vise. If you put the hole in the back of the casing, screw in the eye screw. If you put the hole in the sides (two holes in the casing directly opposite each other), put a metal ring or a D-ring through the holes. Once you do this, hang the bullet brass from a chain around your neck, or work it onto an earring. If you want a steampunk look, you can even hang the brass from a pocket watch chain as a fob. The options are varied, and depend entirely on your own creativity.