How to Make Soft Pretzles


0:01 never ever be with it hi I'm 2d Wilson

0:09 of two delicious which you can find

0:10 online today I'm going to teach you to

0:12 make soft pretzels let's get started so

0:15 here I have four and a half cups of

0:18 all-purpose flour and this is water that

0:21 I put one packet of yeast in and you let

0:24 that sit for you do lukewarm water for

0:26 two to three minutes I have some

0:30 vegetable oil here and I have salt and

0:34 i'll need a teaspoon half a teaspoon of

0:36 this baking powder i need a teaspoon of

0:38 that and then this is four teaspoons of

0:41 vegetable oil so I'm gonna put that in

0:44 first and then next I'm going to add in

0:48 some salt and then next I'm going to add

0:53 in some baking baking soda then you pour

0:58 the water in and you stir it and you let

1:02 it become a dough ball okay so i just

1:10 added in a little bit at a time this

1:12 extra flour is for moving so for forming

1:15 the pretzels its themselves because the

1:17 dough is so steed that it'll stick to

1:19 your hand and stick to whatever surface

1:20 you put it on so it's easier to work

1:23 with if you have flour see I'm starting

1:26 to get a dough ball I'm going to add

1:29 some more

1:33 so here's my dough now that I formed it

1:36 okay I'm going to get some flour and

1:39 just sprinkle it on the surface and just

1:42 roll it around and get some on my hands

1:45 because see how it keeps sticking but

1:47 once I put the flower on there and

1:48 doesn't stick anymore okay and this

1:51 should be enough for about three

1:52 pretzels till interests one two three

2:03 okay and you want to roll it and you

2:08 want to get them kind of thin because

2:10 the thinner they are the easier they are

2:14 to work with so it should be about a

2:18 half inch in diameter and about 12 to 15

2:22 inches long so you just

2:32 if necessary you can roll it on the

2:34 surface but it's gonna for me it's

2:38 easier doing it right hand let just roll

2:40 it out

2:50 okay so here we go got a pretty good

2:53 length on it so here's that and then you

2:57 cross these two over like this and then

3:01 you cross again and make like a little

3:05 twirl so it'll look like that okay then

3:09 you flip it over you want to bake it in

3:12 the oven on a cookie sheet make sure you

3:15 spray it with nonstick cooking spray and

3:16 you want to bake it for about 12 minutes

3:18 on 425 degrees and then you can sprinkle

3:22 it with your favorite topping some

3:23 people at pepperoni you can add the

3:26 coarse salt you can add cinnamon and

3:28 sugar you can add raisins to the dough

3:31 and make a cinnamon raisin and it's good

3:33 with a cream cheese glaze so there you

3:35 go that's how you make soft pretzels

3:45 you