How to Make Small Hair Braids in Men's Beards

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While braids are traditionally thought of as women's territory, men of many different cultures incorporated braiding into beard hairstyles, from the times of the Vikings to the Dark Ages. In contemporary culture, many stars have popularized the small beard braids: Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp (as Jack Sparrow), specifically. When creating small braids for your beard, modify the braids to fit your personal style. Experiment; you can easily remove braids if you don't like how they look.

Part the facial hair vertically along the center of the chin, using a beard comb.

Clip half of the beard back using a salon-quality hair clip, available at hair supply stores.

Section off a 1-by-1-inch section of beard hair, adjacent to the part you created and along the mandible ridge (the part of your jawline where the bone sticks out).

Clip beard back, other than the 1-by-1-inch section of hair.

Separate the 1-by-1-inch section of hair into three equally-sized parts, each next to another, as opposed for one on top of the other.

Braid the section of beard from top to bottom, using the common 3-piece braiding technique of crossing each side piece over the middle one.

Attach a small rubber band to the end of the braided piece.

Continue sectioning beard in 1-by-1-inch pieces, until you are satisfied with the number of braids. As you section the beard, continue to clip back the hair you are not immediately braiding.