How to Make Shadow Animals With Fingers

Making shadow animals is an easy way to amuse your children, your friends and even yourself. Extremely skilled shadow puppeteers are able to create just about any animal you can think of. So the next time the power goes out, make the best of it: grab a flashlight, shine it on a wall and bring some animals to life.

Make a Rabbit

Bring your hand up between the flashlight and the wall.

Make a loose fist with your fingers.

Raise your index finger and middle finger in a peace sign to make the bunny ears.

Make a mouth for the rabbit with your folded fingers. You will have to check the shadow figure to make sure you've got it right.

Make a Dog

Put your hands in prayer position and stand sideways.

Separate your little fingers from the rest of the fingers and touch them together to form the bottom jaw of the dog.

Bend your left pointer finger slightly to form the dog's eye.

Make the dog's ears stand up by crossing your thumbs and pointing them upward.

Make a Bird

Hold your hands in front of your body, palms up.

Cross one wrist over the over and hook your thumbs together.

Point your thumbs up.

Make the bird fly by keeping your fingers together and flapping your "wings."

Make a Swan

Roll up your sleeve as far as possible to create a smooth line.

Hold up your arm so that it bends at the elbow. Your forearm should be straight and upright to make the swan's elegant neck.

Bend your wrist to form the swan's head. Keep your fingers straight and group them to form a beak.

Make feathers with the other hand. Place your other hand with fingers up against your upper arm.