How to Make School Campaign Materials

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Making school campaign materials is important to get your cause or message across to your audience. Campaign materials help promote your values, beliefs and what differences you want to make in your school or school district. Come up with a slogan that will appeal to the masses and is simple yet memorable and understandable. This slogan should be printed on all of your campaign materials including banners, posters, buttons and balloons.

Print up a few banners to have posted in school hallways, auditoriums and general student-populated areas. Banner sizes can be anywhere from 3 x 12 feet to 4 x 6 feet.Your name, slogan and logo should appear on the banner as well as decorations that are appealing to the eye. You can either use a printer or hand-write all of the information. Use markers, stickers and paint to decorate the banner.

Design campaign posters to post around the school as well. Banners, while sometimes irregularly large, can sometimes be too big for certain areas. Good sizes for posters are normally around 4 x 4 feet. Small poster boards should be designed and placed on bulletin boards and on cafeteria walls.

Come up with ideas for buttons. Your buttons could be handmade as well. However, you can print up a clever message to put inside the button. Either purchase or borrow a button-making machine. Machines cost about $40 to $100. Print up enough buttons for all of your friends or campaign buddies to wear.

Blow up balloons and decorate them with stickers, markers, paint and ribbon. Buy a variety of colors of balloons to make them stand out. Write your campaign info on the balloons and give away to potential voters. Have your campaign buddies do this as well.

Bake cookies and decorate them in icing with your name and campaign info on them. Have different flavors available to give away. Lollipops are also great to give away to voters. The lollipops can be decorated with tags that have the campaign information on them.