How to Make Lipgloss Out of Eye Shadow

Think twice about tossing old eyes hadow — the dregs of your eye makeup can add to your lip gloss collection. This recycling trick is especially useful if you love to play around with lip colors and go beyond the same old pinks and reds. Have you ever wanted to have sparkly, turquoise lips for a costume party or just for fun? Now you can, nearly for free.

Place 1/2 teaspoon of eye shadow in a small plastic bowl. Break up any intact pieces until you have a fine powder. If you don't have loose eye shadow, crush some pressed eye shadow into the bowl.

Drop a dollop of Vaseline into the bowl. You can use as much as you think you'll need, depending on how much lip gloss you want to make and how dark you want the tint to be.

Mix the Vaseline and eye shadow together thoroughly until you get a nice, creamy consistency.

Store the finished lip gloss in a cool, dry place for future use. You can purchase small glass lip gloss containers at any beauty supply store and they really are a good investment, especially if you want to take your gloss with you for touch-ups.