How to Make Decorations for a Winter Wonderland

by Erica Green

Creating your own winter wonderland sets the mood for a holiday party. A winter wonderland theme is ideal to avoid conflicts with differing religious beliefs, and it can be used throughout the winter season. Making your own winter wonderland decorations saves money, allowing you to spend more on holiday gifts or other aspects of the celebration. Save your winter wonderland decorations for next year or think about creative ways to recycle the decorations after the celebration.

Purchase gossamer fabric, which is very light, in large rolls. Cover walls with white gossamer by stapling it to the top of the wall and letting it drape down. Cut the fabric just above the floor. Consider gathering the gossamer to create a border around the ceiling and floor, making a snowbank look. Cut long pieces of additional gossamer. Use fishing line or zip ties to gather and swoop the gossamer along the edge of the ceiling every few feet. Attach the gossamer to the wall with a stapler. For the floor, place the gossamer close the intersection of the wall and the floor, creating a snowy white mass.

Outline the room in white Christmas lights. Try outlining the doorways or focal points in the room. Place the lights under the gossamer border on the floor to give it a glow. Use a stapler to hold lights to the wall if necessary.

Create winter trees. Pick large branches and use spay paint to cover them in white paint. Allow the branches to dry completely. Save coffee cans and paint them white. Place gravel or Styrofoam in the coffee can to hold the branches in place. Position the trees around the room, and hang silver ornaments and strands of crystal beads from the branches.

Make snowflakes. Create snowflakes using card stock and scissors. No two snowflakes are alike so don't worry about following a pattern. Put glue on the snowflakes and cover them with glitter. Shake off any excess glitter and allow them to dry completely. Open paper clips, pushing one end into the ceiling and hooking a snowflake on the other end.

Use rhinestones and glitter around the winter wonderland to add a festive sparkle. Add glitter to decorations using glue. Place rhinestones on tables and around the party area.

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