How to Make Cute Wall Art on a Budget

Carrie Waller

Wall art doesn't have to be expensive to look good -- whip up your own cute creations on a budget with adorable wall hangings, giant art prints and upcycled globe planters! Here's how to make great art without investing a huge chunk of cash or time.

1. Chic and Easy Yarn Art

This chic wall hanging is surprisingly simple to create -- just loop strands of yarn over a dowel rod, alternating colors to create patterns. Cut the ends to create a point or an angle and voila -- it's art! As an added bonus, yarn art can double as a clip board to hang photos or notes -- just add clothespins.

2.  Fun, Funky Faux Arrows

Carrie Waller

Make these playful arrows out of dowels and use felt in place of feathers and sharp arrow tips. Cut the dowels to different lengths and stain the wood dark brown for an eclectic arrow display. Secure the arrows to the wall with colorful and apartment-friendly washi tape.

3. Gallery Wall, Demystified

Carrie Waller

Planning the perfect gallery wall isn't as complex as it seems when you employ one simple secret -- Kraft paper.

4. Festive Fabric Wall Hangings

Carrie Waller

Turn fabric left over from other projects into colorful wall hangings that cost little to create. Iron the fabric and use hem tape to create neat hemmed edges, no sewing required.

5. Favorite Photos into Giant Art Prints

Mary & Tim Vidra

Turn your favorite photograph into an oversized art print for an instant focal point in any room. Choose an image with high resolution and save it to a USB drive. Take the drive to a print shop that can create engineering prints or poster-sized printouts, then ask a store representative to print the image in the largest size possible. Add a poster frame and your art piece is ready for display.

6. The Ultimate Man Cave Art

Jill Sparks

Create the ultimate man cave accents with these bold graphic pieces made from scrap fabric and canvas stretcher bars.

7. From Blank Canvas to Nautical Tapestry

Lucy Akins

Turn plain canvas or burlap into a nautical art piece with fabric paint. Tie a piece of cotton rope or twine to the top to round out the nautical theme.

8. Wrapping Paper Wall Clock

Hannah Weflen

Wrapping paper adds a colorful, creative touch to this DIY wall clock. A clock-movement kit and a large wood disc serve as the main parts of the clock. Drill a hole in the center of the wood, wrap the wood in paper and add the clock movement. Insert batteries, set the time and hang the clock using the hanger on the back of the movement housing. Easy!

9. Super Simple Patterned Accent Wall

Summer Hogan

Instead of adding wallpaper or removable decals to create an accent wall, create the designs directly on the wall with a paint pen. Use a bowl or round lid as a stencil for the circles and you've got the easiest DIY wallpaper of all time.

10. Upcycled Globe Succulent Planter

Cassie Bustamante

If you've ever kept an old globe, waiting for the perfect project, your wait is over. Turn that special sphere into a succulent planter by cutting the globe into quarters with a jigsaw. A fiberboard backing glued to one globe wedge creates a container for the plants and a place to add a wall hanger. Line the planter with plastic, then add soil and your favorite succulent.

11. Wonderful Wood-and-Pipe Wall Greeting

Brynne Delerson

Greet guests with this clever and oh so cute "hello" sign, made from copper pipe elbows and wooden dowels.