How to Make Amazing Race Birthday Invitations

by Melanie Williamson ; Updated September 28, 2017

Creating "Amazing Race" birthday invitations is a way to make a themed party or just to recognize the birthday person's love of the show. The entire card can be created in a minimal amount of time. The cost can also be minimal if you are only buying card stock, envelopes and postage. These invitations are suitable for any age fan, male or female.

Go to the "Amazing Race" Wikipedia page to get the United States edition of the show's logo and right-click on the image (see Resources). Save the logo image to your computer under "My pictures."

Go into "My pictures" and right-click the saved image. Scroll down to where it says "edit" and left-click. Doing so should take you into your picture-editing program. Enlarge the size of the logo until it is the size of the invitation you want to make.

Print the logo onto white or tan card stock so that the logo is the front of the invitation. If the card stock you are using is not already creased to be folded into a card, use a scorer to crease the card stock and make the crease even and crisp-looking.

Use a black permanent marker to write on the inside of the card. On the top half of the invitation, write the following words in list form going down the left side of the card: Challenge, Destination, Time and Roadblock.

Use another color permanent marker to fill in the information next to each word. Next to Challenge, write "to celebrate _____'s Birthday" (fill in the appropriate name). Next to Destination, write the location of the party. Next to Time, write the start time of the party. Next to Roadblock, write any special instructions you need to give party-goers, such as RSVP information or if the party is a surprise.


  • If you don't have a great printer, save the enlarged logo to a disk and have it printed at a printing store, such as Kinko's or CopyMax.

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