How to Make a Vintage Veil


0:05 hi I'm Sandra Garrett welcome to my

0:08 design studio Sandra Garrett design in

0:11 beautiful Palm Springs California today

0:14 I'd like to share some tips and easy how

0:16 to suggestions so a bride needs a veil

0:20 and if we're talking vintage and retro

0:23 and on a budget I found a great at my

0:28 local thrift store a great piece of

0:32 organza with this wonderful little

0:36 bubble pom-pom edge almost kind of fun

0:42 and modern and keresh in a way if you

0:44 want to do something mod so in this case

0:47 for our modern independent bride I would

0:50 take that fabric about half way up and

0:54 make a little rosette and excuse me and

0:59 then just take a simple rubber band or

1:02 you could use a hairband depending and

1:06 then just loop that over a few times and

1:09 then pull your rosette out and there you

1:14 have a very simple in less than five

1:18 minutes indie vintage veil pin it on and

1:22 off you go