How to Make a Veil for a Bachelorette Party

Photo Credit: Edward Ramos

Celebrate your girlfriend's last night of freedom before she gets married by hosting a bachelorette party. A must-have accessory for any bachelorette party is a veil. Tell everyone she's the bride-to-be and this is her night to celebrate. Create a veil that stands out from the crowd in color and accessories, but make sure the bride will feel comfortable wearing the bachelorette veil.

Gather supplies. Purchase items to make a bachelorette veil. Check around your house for basic items like craft glue, a needle and thread. Watch for sales at your local craft store or check the discount bin for a great price on tulle or organza. Choose a veil length appropriate for the bride and the evening. Many bachelorette parties choose an elbow length or mid-back veil. Provide fullness by using two yards of tulle in width. Find a tiara, hair combs or headband to complete the veil.

Put the veil together. Decide if you will sew the veil or hot glue the tulle to a headpiece. Use a running stitch, leaving about an inch of excess tulle. Gather the tulle by pulling the thread tightly. Hold the tulle in place before attaching to the headpiece. Determine if the length is correct, where to begin attaching to headpiece and if the look meets your standards. Use a needle and matching thread to secure to the headpiece. Trim excess tulle.

Consider hot gluing the tulle. Running short on time or don't know how to sew? Purchase a basic wide headband. Bunch the tulle together in small sections and hot glue to the headband. Add a few embellishments like flowers or ribbon to the front to hide the hot glued tulle and headband. Get creative and use the bachelorette party theme for your embellishments!

Add accessories. Build off the bachelorette party theme and add embellishments to your bachelorette veil. Consider embellishments like hearts, jewels, ribbon, small flowers, sparkles, pearls or other traditional bachelorette items. Hot glue these items to the veil. Adding embellishments increases the weight of the veil so try it on periodically to make sure it's not too heavy.

Consider purchasing a basic veil. Worried about tackling this project on your own or running short on time? Consider purchasing a basic veil from an online source or local retail store. Prices start as low as $10. Add embellishments to make it fit your bride and theme.