How to Make a No-Sew Fabric Liner for a Gift Basket

A fabric lining creates a warm personal feel to any gift basket. Fortunately, a no-sew fabric liner takes no time to make and allows you to choose just the right fabric to create that special basket you have in mind.

Select a cotton fabric in the color and print you desire. Consider the contents and theme of the gift basket when choosing some fabric.

Determine the measurements of the basket. Measure the inside circumference of the basket and add 2 inches. Measure the depth of the basket and add 3 inches to get the an accurate measurement for the size of fabric needed.

Press the fabric to remove any wrinkles. Turn the top end under by 1 inch and press to create a finished edge. Turn the edge of one end of the strip and press the seam. Set it aside.

Measure the bottom of the basket and cut a piece of mat board or heavy cardboard to fit the bottom of the basket. Cut a section of fabric that is 2 inches longer than the cardboard on all sides. Cover the board with fabric, folding the excess to the back. Apply hot glue to the corners and press the fabric in place. Run a strip of hot glue along the edge of the cardboard backing and press the fabric into place. Set it aside.

Assemble the fabric lining by attaching it to the inside sides of the basket with small paper clamps or clothespins. Reposition to locate the seam at the center back, so that when overlapped, the finished edge will be positioned at the center.

Remove the clamps and add a strip of hot glue along the edge of the basket. Press the fabric in place and clamp with a clothespin. Work in sections until all the fabric is glued in place. Fold and pleat the corners as necessary.

Apply a strip of hot glue to the bottom of the covered board and press it in place.