How to Make a Leather Skirt

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Leather is a relatively strong and durable material that comes from a wide variety of animals and is used for just about everything, including furniture, shoes, sporting goods, machinery belts, home decor and more. In terms of fashion, leather turns ordinary clothes and accessories, like pants, jackets, wallets, purses -- and, in this case, skirts -- into extraordinary-looking outfits.

Use a measuring tape and take your measurements. Determine where you would like the skirt to rest on your waist and what shape you would like it to have: mini, pencil or A-line. A high-waisted skirt will rest just below your rib cage, whereas a low-waisted skirt will rest just below your belly button. Jot down the measurement of the location you wish to use. To measure your hips, wrap the tape measure around your hips and the widest part of your butt. For your legs, decide how low you would like the hem to go, then jot down that measurement. Add an extra inch or two to allow for space when walking or sitting.

Transfer your measurements onto a piece of paper or onto two pieces of leather. The two pieces of leather account for the front and the back, respectively. This will give you a general idea of how the skirt will look.

Use fabric shears and cut out the front and back panel of the skirt. Afterwards, cut the back panel of the skirt evenly in half.

Decide where you would like to place a slit and/or zipper. The zipper can go either on the side or the back of the skirt.

Sew your pieces together, including the zipper in the location that you chose, using sewing needles specifically made for leather and synthetic sinew or waxed sewing thread. Make sure to provide enough space for seam allowance. Seam allowance is based on your body shape and size as well as personal preference. To make a slit, stitch the two pieces together in the back then, with a seam ripper, cut a slit in the back of the skirt.