How to Make a Grandparent Survival Kit

How to Make a Grandparent Survival Kit. Survival kits for grandparents are a fun way for kids to show how much they love them. This fun gift is inexpensive and children love putting it together. Add personal touches, notes and pictures to make the kit even more special.

Get a small basket or box for the survival kit. If you use a cardboard box, let the children decorate the outside of the box.

Type or draw "Grandparent Survival Kit" at the top of a piece of paper.

Gather loose change for the gift. Type on the document, "Loose change: To give you the cents to know how much we love you."

Place few marbles in the gift. The description of this should say, "Spare marbles: For when you're sure you've lost yours."

Include a safety pin in the kit. Add the description, "A safety pin: To remind you to stay safe."

Add a pen, pencil and paper in the grandparent survival kit. Include the description, "Pen, pencil and paper: So you can write down memories and stories to tell us when we are older."

Purchase bandages for the grandparent survival kit. Write "Bandages: For life's little scrapes" on the list.

Include a brightly-colored crayon. Add the description, "A crayon: To help make each day colorful."

Buy a bag of Hershey's Hugs and Kisses. Type or write, "Hugs and Kisses: To hold you over until we see each other again."

Place a roll of Life Savers in the kit with the description, "Life Savers: To remind you that we need you, and you need us."

Buy a small package of handy wipes. Add the description, "Handy wipes: For life's little messes."

Put a candle in the kit. Type or write, "A candle: Because you light up our lives."

Include a small photo album, with the description, "Brag book: So we are always nearby."

Purchase a small package of Starburst candy. Add the description, "Starburst: For a little burst of energy when we wear you out."